The next meeting of the Bradford West Cricket Development Group will be held on 

 Date -25 April

Venue -Crossflatts Cricket Club

Time -7.30 prompt -

All Bradford West Cricket Clubs are welcome to attend .

Hope to see  .


Bradford West CDG


Meeting Thursday 25 April

At Crossflatts




  1. 1.Apologies: -


2         Minutes of last Meeting .Matters Arising    


3   CDG Website:


3         Treasurer’s Report: David Allen


4         Woman’s -B.M.E-Disability Cricket


5 YCB Update –(Steve Archer or Steve Coultard )


6  Cricket Education: (Coach -Safeguarding-First Aid )  


7    Area Council Report


8    Club Reports –(Email for Meeting )


9  AOB .



Bradford West CDG

Key Issues & Points

Meeting Wednesday November 14

At Great Horton Church Cricket Club Cricket Club



       Present: Shiv Krishan (Chair Acting- Secretary),), David Allen (Treasurer & BCCC),

  1. 1.Simon Hicks -Phil Poole (DCC -Kath Gower Haworth Cricket Club Taj Butt Lee Bailey (Crossflatts )
  2. 2.Apologies: - Steve Archer (YCB) Mark Pennington (Cross Flatts CC), Steve Coultard (YCB) Billy Rickets -David Critchlow (no longer Connected to Bradford and Bingley David Procter (Steetan )


  1. 3. –Shiv welcomed all the clubs to the meeting and thanked the clubs for attending confusion around dates due to other meetings was the problem had changed the date due to venue issues the chair agreed a big thanks goes to all the group for attending and was still running and working well to help clubs in the Bradford West Area .


  1. 4.Matters arising from the minutes – various discussion at our last meeting around shortage of players and Sunday fixtures and 20/20 David spoke of the Craven League taking up the forefront by making cup games 20/20 and promoting the loan player scheme but this needs to be looked at by all clubs as a way of junior players playing regular games .David would feedback on how this works and other leagues could look at this for future development .


  1. 5.CDG Website: The website was still being updated by Ed a big thanks to hm for ensuring that the website was up to date and Ed was continues to be involved in some way by sending messages and information to the Chair very invaluable indeed. Shiv then. stressed to clubs that if anyone knew of a relevant person to take up the role please let us know and will shall endeavour to meet and appoint as this was an important role and would help the group and the chair .


       Treasurer’s Report: David then

Balance at the Bank at last meeting 3,158

David the highlighted that monies from YCB to fund development groups had been received and was now in the bank account .

David also commented on the play cricket scheme of allowing direct debt and invoices to be accessed by the leagues but stressed the need for online safety regarding emails etc as some leagues had been hacked .


  1. 6.Cricket Education:    The Group discussed weather both Child protection and First Aid was needed Crossflatts were happy to host and were warmly welcomed as another alliterative venue to host this it was agreed with the chairman looking to set up workshops for February March time as before The secretary would send an email out to all clubs after Christmas and would gauge the need .. Subsidies were available for Clubs who wished to attend any educational course (see policy statement below).


Subsidies for Courses – “Any courses done by members of CDG Clubs are eligible for a CDG subsidy”. This will depend on the Course and will be based on the level of subsidy previously agreed at the Group’s meetings, note from the Chairman clubs wishing to access the courses must ensure payments are received in advanced to be guaranteed a place.  


Simon Hick Saltaire then asked about Chance to Shine All Stars Club mark etc   Crossflatts commented on how the scheme had developed and helped in forming the junior section ,discussion on Chance to Shine and weather clubs in the area had any links with coming in to school which most of the group felt they had not . Chair would ask Steve if he could get a list so that clubs could liase with schools on migration .Other topics were discussed including the World Cup a CDG festival for the junior clubs in the group and all the clubs agreed if this could happen the Chair would send details to Steve on how they could access this from various incentives that were happening .DBS was also discussed and the chair would also get clarification for club .


YCB Update: Steve Archer/Steve Coultard sent their apologies, but Steve would be emailed regarding DBS and Small Grants Scheme details below -the chair to email Steve regarding dates of the next meeting .

Small Grants –


The World Cup Clubs could take advantage of the £1k clubs can apply for to run such an event and also use some of the world cup themed ideas via the Chance to Shine portal.

Regards the DBS query, once returned and verified, see below:


Firstly, applicants’ DBS checks will now be updated every 12 months, provided they do not opt out of the service. The DBS will still show on the system as requiring renewal in 3 years’ time, but this date will be pushed back by a year each time the annual update check is carried out .Secondly, clubs will need to ensure their members keep an eye out for the Annual Status Update correspondence. This will take the form of an automated email sent to the email address the applicant applied with. The email will ask the applicant to give permission for the ECB to check their current status with the DBS.

They may choose to opt out (and deny the status check) in which case they are no longer eligible to work with children in cricket.

Things will then progress in one of the following ways:

  1. 1.if no new information is revealed the applicant will be informed that their DBS has been renewed for another year, and the ‘expiry’ date will show on ECB systems as 3 years from that date
  2. 2.If new information is revealed the applicant will be asked to make a new application to obtain an updated certificate which they will then need to send to Lord’s for review.
  3. 3.There may be an anomaly in the data leading to a data mismatch. A member of ECB staff will contact the individual to clarify this


Clubs Reports: The following news from Local Clubs as follows:

  • Great Horton Church – Taj reported on the club. Activities
  • Denholme – Phil sent a report through email  
  • Bingley Cong’s – – David updated on club events .
  •      Steetan –David Procter had sent a email through highlighted the club activities .
    • Crossflatts – a report had been given by Mark Pennington on email .
    • Bradford and Bingley –apologies
    • Haworth -Kath give a brief report on events and updates from the club . .

Saltaire then give a brief report on club events and highlighted that the usage of Zara was no longer available for clubs with regards to cricket as block bookings early closing times and lack of response from the school made it hard for them to use .chair then commented on how sad this was has we had run courses and workshops and this was always well attended .

  1. ii.Kath Gower who was named in the honours list for her work done in the community had thanked the clubs for all the good wishes and congratulations .


  1. iii.Meeting Closed 9.400


Next Meeting: The next meeting Shiv to confirm with club best option .